Why can’t I connect to my printer?




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    Donald Everson

    The video is not helpful. We cannot get our iPhones to pair to the Lifeprint printer. When we follow the directions and hold the printer's power button for 4-5 seconds, nothing comes up in the phone's Bluetooth devices menu. If the printer's power button is held again, the printer powers off and the Lifeprint printer now appears in the phone's Bluetooth menu briefly, but then disappears. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If we can't pair the (2) Lifeprint printers to our phones, we will return them

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    Robert Macauley

    Hey Donald, this is very strange behavior. Please write an to support@lifeprintphotos.com and they can help you troubleshoot. Please include the phone model of iPhone and your Operating System in the email. This sounds like behavior of a faulty printer. You may need a replacement. Support@lifeprintphotos.com should be able to help you out with the specifics.

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    Makenzie Moore

    My printer is connected to my phone through Bluetooth but the Lifeprint app states that there is no printer connected. I have held the power button down for 4-5 seconds and then again for around 10 seconds and nothing happened. The photos appear on my profile but do not print. 


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    Robert Macauley

    Hey Makenzie, thanks for writing in. It appears there may be an issue with the Bluetooth mechanism on your printer. Please write an email to support@lifeprintphotos.com describing the issue. They will have a few solutions for you and if they can't help fix the problem, we will gladly replace your printer for you at no cost.

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    Shirley Stokes


    I have barely used my printer but decided to do so today. Problem I get a brief message saying unable to load ... it's so quick i am unable to read the rest. It's not syncing with my phone I have turned both devices off than back on still same issue. Please advise!!!

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    Robert Macauley

    Hello Shirley, thanks for writing in. This is a strange problem we haven't seen before. It could be a device compatibility issue if you're on Android. It's also possible that you have an older version of the App if you haven't used it in a while. Here's my recommendation, please follow the steps below:

    1) Delete the Lifeprint App from your phone.

    2) Turn off, then turn on your phone

    3) Go to the App store an re-install the Lifeprint App. This will make sure you have the most current version.

    4) Try again.


    If that doesn't work, please write an email to support@lifeprintphotos.com and the should be able to help you with additional troubleshooting. Sorry for the trouble and I hope we can get this fixed for you!

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    Celeste zamarripa

    How do i connect my Samsung galaxy phone to printer..all instructions are for iphones.

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    Robert Macauley

    Hey Celeste, the Samsung Galaxy should connect no problem using the standard bluetooth connection on your phone. Just make sure the printer is turned on and then check the bluetooth settings on your phone. The instructions show an iPhone as the example, but the written instructions should be the same for iPhone or Android.


    1) Turn on your printer

    2) Go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone

    3) Connect to the printer

    4) Open the App and sign up


    If you continue to have trouble, please send an email to support@lifeprintphotos.com and they can help you.

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