Why can’t I connect to my printer?




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    Donald Everson

    The video is not helpful. We cannot get our iPhones to pair to the Lifeprint printer. When we follow the directions and hold the printer's power button for 4-5 seconds, nothing comes up in the phone's Bluetooth devices menu. If the printer's power button is held again, the printer powers off and the Lifeprint printer now appears in the phone's Bluetooth menu briefly, but then disappears. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If we can't pair the (2) Lifeprint printers to our phones, we will return them

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    Robert Macauley

    Hey Donald, this is very strange behavior. Please write an to support@lifeprintphotos.com and they can help you troubleshoot. Please include the phone model of iPhone and your Operating System in the email. This sounds like behavior of a faulty printer. You may need a replacement. Support@lifeprintphotos.com should be able to help you out with the specifics.

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