Where’s My Rugged Case?




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    Neil & Colette


    I am a Lifeprint backer and supporter and I have not yet received my case as was expected last year. You have asked us to be patient and I have as it's been 4 months at least. Could you please give me an indication on eta or an update in the delay or have you just forgotten about your backers here.

    Please advise asap.


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    Ric Thomann

    any update on a rugged case availability?

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    Robert Macauley

    @Neil, @Ric, The case is being put back through production now. The first version of the case we received from the factory was bad quality that we just couldn't justify sending to our customers. So we had to accept a longer delay and are re-doing production now. We will be providing a full update about the case later this week with dates and latest renderings. Stay tuned.

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    Hi Robert 

    Any more news on when you plan to ship the rugged case please? I need to confirm the correct address BEFORE you ship please. Thanks. Enjoying using Lifeprint.

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