My printer is jammed. What can I do?




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    I bought my Ligeprint at Target, ages ago. I am not sure exactly when. Paper jam! Any ideas? Previous print was on 1/3 of the paper. This photo not printing, about 1 inch on outside and now stuck. Paper is in correctly. Paper pack was just opened 2 days ago.

    Thank you,

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    Robert Macauley

    Hello Jan, please open the lid of your printer and take a photo of the paper jam. Then, write an email to and attach the photo. They can help you with a replacement.

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    Chae yeon An

    I tried to print a photo but the film just stucked in inside and don’t come out. I inserted films properly. But status indicator became red and no printed photos. The half the film is showed in inserting areas. I want to show you the pictures of my printer but I guess here is not allowed to upload a picture.

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    Robert Macauley

    Hello Chae, please write an email to and let them know about your paper jam issue. They should be able to confirm if you product is under warranty and issue you a replacement.

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