What is a the Default Print Queue and why do I need one?




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    What happens when you only have one printer a box you can’t set it as the default printer?

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    Hey Mady, your instinct is correct, the "Default" printer setting is generally for people that have more than one Lifeprint printer. The "default" printer setting allows that user to print to whichever printer they'd like, typically this is helpful for the WiFi printer we have that's the larger3x4.5 format.

    If you only have one printer however, there should be no issue with connecting it as the default. But it sounds like this is where your issue lies. Please do the following steps:

    1) Turn on your printer and connect to it via Bluetooth on your phone

    2) Open the Lifeprint app and select the "Print Utility" (the little printer icon in the top right corner)

    3) Take a 'screen shot' of your print utility screen and send an email to support@lifeprintphotos.com and let them know you're having trouble selecting your default printer. We do not want you to post that image to this thread for privacy reasons. Please send to support@lifeprintphotos.com separately.

    Once we've had a look at your print utility screen, we'll be able to tell you the issue and how to resolve. Hope that helps! Best regards and happy to help :)



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