Will ANYONE be able to view my augmented reality photos?




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    Can you send the Hypephoto via email or text?

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    Robert Macauley

    Hey Steve, you could of course text someone the Hyperphoto you have printed. We also have a sharing mechanism within our App that allows you to share Hyperphotos to people very easily as well :)

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    Olivia houliez

    Hello. I've created an album for my niece who's abroad. I've printed hyperphoto on the album. I wonder now if she will be able to play them only by downloading the app and using the hyperphoto viewer ?? Do i need to make my video public?

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    Robert Macauley

    Hey Olivia, yes you are correct.There are two ways you could make the Hyperphoto available to view by your niece in Lifeprint:

    1) You make the photo "Public" in your profile. This is the simplest option.

    2) If you are unable or not wanting to make the photo public, you need to specifically "Share" that photo with your niece from within the Lifeprint App. Here's how you do this:

    a) Have your niece download the Lifeprint App

    b) Have your niece find you in the Lifeprint app by clicking on the Explore view (little magnifying glass in bottom nav) and clicking in the "Search bar" at the top.

    c) Select "People" as the tab in the search bar and have your niece type in your full name or username to search for you. Your account will pop up and your niece can "Follow" you.

    d) Now your niece is "following" you and you are able to send her images. Go to your profile and select the private photo you'd like to share. Then select the little "Arrow" button, (it's the third from the left)

    e) Select the "Send To" button and find your niece and share it with her. That's it. If you don't want to print out the photo again, you can select the copies to be set to 0.

    You can write support@lifeprintphotos.com if you have further questions.

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