Where are my videos stored when they play?




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    Mike McArthur

    Is the cloud protected?  Can we remove our pics/videos from the cloud?  Just wondering who can see my photos. Should I consider all pics/videos public domain or private?  Curious to see if app should be used for all pics or more planned. Thanks. Lovin' it so far. 

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    Robert Macauley

    Hey Mike, yes the cloud is protected through several layers.


    Yes you can remove your pics and vids from the cloud. You do this by "Deleting" a photo within your profile.

    If you don't mark your photo as "Private" than anyone who visits your profile can see the photo. If you mark a photo as "Private" only you and the people you actually "Shared" with will be able to see the photo. Glad you're enjoying it!

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    Kevin Nguyen

    I tried to output a video but it says the video cannot be saved. Please free up space and try again. I dont think it's talking about my phone because i still have 54GB. 

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    Robert Macauley

    Hey Kevin, this is an odd issue, not sure without seeing the specifics of how this is happening. But you're right, my first inclination is to think it's a storage issue on your phone, but to your points, it sounds like that's not the case.

    Please write to support@lifeprintphotos.com there you can share screen shots of the process and it should help us get to the bottom of it. Thanks!

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